Our Original Vision (dated 1987)

  • To provide culturally and linguistically responsive services to crime victims who have been ignored or underserved because of their income, race, ethnicity, religion, national origin, gender, age, ability or sexual orientation.
  • To operate a 24-hour clearinghouse to refer people to existing services and to work cooperatively on behalf of victims and their needs.
  • To fill the gap in services and create services where the need exists.
  • To support, without duplication, private sector and other nonprofit organizations in offering services, including mental health, legal, medical, therapy, etc.
  • To provide culturally and linguistically responsive services to residents of and victims of crime committed in Denver, Colorado.
  • To provide confidential services unless danger to a child, self or others is disclosed.

Our History

In March 1983, the Denver Medical Society and the Denver District Attorney’s Crime Advisory Commission elected to act as a forum for the development of a coordinated resource network in Denver to respond to the needs of victims of violence. A task force on victims of crime was formed. After lengthy research and thoughtful discussion, the task force concluded that a victims’ resource center was the most likely way to reach the maximum number of victims, provide the most reliable medical and mental health referral services, function best in offering crisis intervention, and most effectively develop awareness of victims concerns.

The result was the creation of Denver Victims Service Center. In 2003, the agency changed its name to The Denver Center for Crime Victims. The Center’s purpose is to provide culturally and linguistically responsive 24-hour crisis intervention and to develop and provide services not currently being offered, such as trauma recovery counseling, crisis intervention, case management, support groups, emergency financial assistance, advocacy and information and referral. The Denver Center for Crime Victims was incorporated January 15, 1987, with a strong funding commitment from the Denver Victim Assistance Law Enforcement Board. DCCV has been providing services since October 6, 1987, serving over 165,000 victims of crime to date.

In 2015 the agency rebranded as The Center for Trauma & Resilience.

Leadership Team

Executive Director
Cathy Phelps, MA, LCSW, RYT* 200

Director of Administration
Amy Ulrich, MNM

Director of Training
Kathi Fanning, MS, LPC

Director of Finance
Joan Njagu, MBA
Bilingual (Swahili)

Director of Hotline Services
Enid Nieves, BS, RYT* 200
Bilingual (Spanish)


Internship Specialist
Ashley Brown MA, LPC, RYT* 200

Case Manager
Lorena Zamora, BSW
Bilingual (Spanish)

Elder Specialist
Rosa Richardson, MSW
Bilingual (Spanish)

Betsaida Kringel, MSW
Bilingual (Spanish)

Micheal Wilkins, LCSW

Senior Companion & Case Manager
Karen Frazier

Mi Gente – VAWA Legal Solutions

Supervising Attorney
Ginger McGuire, JD, Esq.

Fatima Garcia, BIA Accredited Representative, RYT* 200
Bilingual (Spanish)

VAWA Specialist
Maryan Gomez, BIA Accredited Representative, RYT* 200
Bilingual (Spanish)

Antonio Gonzalez, MA, CACIII
Bilingual (Spanish)

LEP/Mental Health Coordinator
Claudia Ortega, LCSW
Bilingual (Spanish)


Executive Administrative Assistant
Susan Tomasovich, BA

Translation & Interpreting Center

Program Assistant – Interpreting
Pamela Liverpool, BS

Clinical Consultants

Kent Webb, LCSW