Nonprofit Transformed

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Packed inside this book is a treasure trove of guidance on how to direct and manage a workforce of helping professionals. Providing services to people in need means that workers encounter emotionally intense dramas on a daily basis. How can staff stay fresh? How can they be caring, day after day, client after client? How can they listen with compassion when they have heard similar anguishing stories too many times? What keeps them coming back tomorrow to do the same work they did today? These are questions that confront executive directors and boards of directors across the nation.

This gem of a book discusses the importance of a self-care plan program and details how to implement it in an agency in a step-by-step fashion. It is an instrument designed to help staff perform emotionally intense work day after day, and still come back the next with compassion and empathy. It takes energy to hear hard stories, and it takes special skills to connect with clients and give meaningful responses. This is emotional labor, and it requires that staff manage their own emotions while responding to the emotional state of the other, whether patient, client, or victim.

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Mary E. Guy, PhD

Professor of Public Administration

University of Colorado at Denver

School of Public Affairs 

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